Pool Leak Repair

Swimming Pool Leak Repair Service in Austin, TX

So you have determined that your swimming pool or spa does in fact have a leak. The next step is to repair the leak so you can continue to enjoy your pool or spa. See below the different types of leak repair that we perform in order to not only fix your leak, but also prevent it from returning in the future.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Grout Removal and Replacement

We use a combination of polymer and epoxy mixed with our grout that gives it an increased life span over standard grouts.

Under Ground PVC Repair

Specializing in precision excavation and underground PVC repair.

Crack Repair

Soil conditions in central Texas have allowed for expansion in pools across the state. We specialize in the stabilization of repair and cracks using our mud jacking technique.

Pool Shell Leveling

Our specialized cement pressurizing equipment known as mud jacking can reset the level of your pool sometimes to the original horizon, void filling below decks and other areas as well. We have years of foundation experience.

Leak Repair of any type

Don’t let pool putty be the solution to your problem…We use materials designed to repair the problem better than new.

Based on 31 reviews
Brad Dobson
Brad Dobson
November 5, 2022
Austin Pro Leak professionally and thoroughly handled my complicated repair. Highly recommend.
will schauberger
will schauberger
August 14, 2022
We had Austin Pro leak come out and test our pool and found out that we were loosing a lot of water. They gave us a pretty good estimate of how much it was gonna cost to fix it, so we went with them. A couple weeks later they came out and fix the pool. Replace some pipes around the hot tub and fix the waterfall. Cleaned up after themselves. We are very happy! Thank you Austin Pro Leak!!!
Bruce ladden
Bruce ladden
January 26, 2022
I just want to thank the PRO LEAK team for a great job in finding and fixing the leak in my pool. We have used PRO LEAK twice for 2 different leaks and both times they located the leak and fixed the problem. The first time was one of the skimmers had separated from the pool wall hence a leak formed, PRO LEAK found this and fixed the problem. The second leak turned out to be the pool light fixture in the pool wall, again PRO LEAK found the leak and fixed the leak. Thank you for being so professional and accommodating hopefully I will not need your services again but if I do you will be the first I call
Dee M
Dee M
July 23, 2021
Will and Odin did an outstanding job in detecting a pool water leak. They are very professional, trustworthy and hardworking. I highly recommend going with Austin Pro Leak for all your pool water leak/repair needs. Thank you so much!
Bob Sage
Bob Sage
March 2, 2021
My pool has been leaking for approximately 1 year with an ever increasing amount of loss over the last few months. As all of my pipes are underground with the pool pumps (heater, cleaner, features, cleaner) around 100 feet away from the pool it was critical that the assessment of the location of the leak was dead on accurate. An inaccurate assessment would mean a torn up yard and a spring with mud tracked in by gkids and pets. Austin Pro Leak was able to locate the leak and give me an estimate within 2 weeks of my contacting them and was able to schedule the repair within a week after that. The team showed up early on a very nasty day (I thought they might cancel - cold, windy, and raining) and got right to work. The location of the leak was uncovered with no damage to other pipes, electrical conduits, or sprinkler systems. Hopefully I will never need to use them again but I would not hesitate to bring them out again if we had another leak show up.
Charles Culpepper
Charles Culpepper
January 30, 2021
My pool began to leak about an inch a day after I had it resurfaced three years ago. I contacted the company that did the resurfacing and was told to contact a certain company and if it was the fault of the company they would reimburse for the inspection and make the repair. A gentleman came with some sonar devise and was in a wet suit. He could not find the leak. He came back a second time and again he could not find a leak. I contacted another company and he said that the leak was in the returns and it would cost $5000 to make the repairs. $ 5000 will buy a lot of water so I put it off. I heard about Austin Pro Leak in December and contacted them. Odin came to my house and spent 2-3 hours doing pressure testing and located the leaks. Will was at my house about 2 weeks later and made the repairs. After a few days I refilled my pool and discovered a small leak in the pvc line by the filter. Will came out the next day and made the repair. For the first time in 3 years my pool doesn't leak thanks to Austin Pro Leak